Monthly Archives: November 2011

The development of a rapid SYBR Green I-based quantitative PCR for detection of Duck circovirus

This report describes a one-step real-time polymerase chain reaction assay based on SYBR Green I for detection of a broad range of duck circovirus (DuCV). Align with all DuCV complete genome sequences and other Genus Circovirus download from the GenBank (such as goose circovirus, pigeon circovirus), the primers targets to the replicate gene of DuCV […]

Risk assessment for HCV infection. Part 2

The incidence and prevalence of HCV among dialysis patients varies markedly from country to country and among dialysis centers within a single country. HCV prevalence is much higher in developing countries as compared to developed world. First paper in Pakistan in this line of literature was published in 1999 and till yet six different reports […]

RNA Isolation, PCR amplification and Detection

The striking genetic heterogeneity of the RNA genome of HCV is well recognized. On the basis of molecular relatedness, HCV is classified into 11 major genotypes: 1 through 11, among which first six are major player of infection globally. On the basis of phylogenetic analysis, over 80 subtypes and minor variants referred to as “quasispecies […]

Rising burden of Hepatitis C Virus in hemodialysis patients

High prevalence of Hepatitis C virus (HCV) has been reported among the dialysis patients throughout the world. No serious efforts were taken to investigate HCV in patients undergoing hemodialysis (HD) treatment who are at great increased risk to HCV. HCV genotypes are important in the study of epidemiology, pathogenesis and reaction to antiviral therapy. This […]