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Acute Disease Association. Part 3

Thus, one or more streptococcal superantigens may contribute significantly to TSLS. The pathogenesis of other severe invasive streptococcal diseases remains obscure. To date, few studies have evaluated transmission of the TSLS organism, rates of carriage and infection, and serosusceptibility to SPEs. Such studies are greatly needed. Recently, we received 23 strains of group B streptococci […]

Acute Disease Association. Part 2

In children the case-fatality rate for influenza TSS appears to be — 90%, with a lower rate in adults. It is likely that infection with other viruses, such as parainfluenza virus, could result in similar TSS. Recalcitrant erythematous desquamating syndrome represents an unrelenting TSS that occurs in AIDS patients. This illness may continue for > […]

Acute Disease Association

In the early 1980s, TSS was recognized as an illness primarily in women at or within 2 days of their menstrual period and particularly in women using higher-absorbency tampons. However, even at that time cases were being reported in women who were not menstruating and in children and men. With the removal ofthe highest- absorbency […]