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The Erectile Dysfunction health

A provincial asthma education network leading to the establishment of more than a hundred AECs was established in the 1990s in the province of Quebec. Unfortunately, only a small proportion of asthmatic patients consulting for acute asthma were initially directed to AECs, so we looked at strategies to increase the number of patients seen at […]

Psychological Causes of Erectile Dysfunction and Canadian viagra online

Medications That Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction Antidepressants Beta blockers Some diuretics or ‘water tablets’ Anti-ulcer drugs such as cimetidine Diazepam (Valium) and other sedatives Some drugs used to treat epilepsy Antihistamines Drugs used to treat high blood pressure Psychological Causes of Erectile Dysfunction Many mental health issues can cause erectile dysfunction. These include stress, anxiety […]

The Viagra Solution: A Pop of a Pill Solves it All Part

Just as the birthcontrol pill paved the way for the sexual revolution for the fe­male population, Sildenafil Viagra has brought about its own revolution for the male spectrum. At the advent of this blue pill last year, millions of men have sought and received prescriptions of Viagra for the treatment of impotence, which doctors commonly […]

Penile Injections

Penile Injections were developed by a British physiologist Giles Bindley. You have to inject the prescribed drug into the shaft of your Dick. I recall a mate saying it will just feel like a little prick, but you can relax. A very fine needle is used. Once you get over the psychological drama of injecting […]

Physiology of normal erectile function

Physiology of normal erectile function and Viagra Penile erection is the most obvious feature of the male body’s response to sexual excitement. It is a complex neurovascular response, influenced by cognitive inputs and facilitated by testosterone [12]. Other features of that response include increases in skin temperature, blood pressure, hear t and breathing rates, facial […]

An overview of the disease perspective

The logic of the disease perspective is, strictly speaking, categorical. Its goal is to group conditions into diagnostic categories based on the pathological conditions found in individuals. Ultimately, the disease perspective seeks to state whether a person has—or does not have— a particular disease. Does this person have tuberculosis, yes or no? To make this […]