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Make the Right Choice of Generic Viagra Online and Choose it at Canadian Pharmacy

What do you usually do when you try to get such medicine as generic Viagra online? Do you stand up, grab your wallet and rush to the nearest land-based pharmacy? That is quite doubtful. As any other person absorbing all innovations like a sponge you will cover the single meter to your PC and look […]

Peyronie’s Disease: Patient Evaluation

History The evaluation of a man suspected of having PD should begin with a thorough medical his-tory that probes the etiology (e.g., inciting events or trauma), level of disability (i.e., the ability to have intercourse, erectile function, and psychosocial effects), duration of disease, and degree of curvature. Risk factors for severe PD and general medical […]

Viagra Canadian Pharmacy: On the Triad Disease, Illness and Sickness

ABSTRACT The point of departure for this article is a review of the discussion between Twaddle and Nordenfelt on the concepts of disease, illness, and sickness, and the objective is to investigate the fruitfulness of these concepts. It is argued that disease, illness, and sickness represent different perspectives on human ailment and that they can […]